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How do I get my own virus?

Click on the details of one of the latest viruses. Now you should see a "Mutate" button. Enter the name of your virus and click it.

Can I make Ether from my viruses?

Yes! For every infected person your virus increases its value. The value depends also on how many people the other players infect. So it can increase or decrease over time. Once you withdraw your Ether, you have to wait 24 hours to withdraw again.
You have to wait 24 hours before your first withdrawel!

What is a mutation?

A mutation generates the next generation of a virus. Mutated viruses could be slightly better or worse. When a mutated virus infects people, the parent virus will infect more people the next time the action is triggered.

How do I infect people?

After you buy a virus you cannot infect people immediately. Look at the "To Infect" value to see how many people could get infected!

My Virus gets mutated by others, what happens?

Every time the mutated virus infects people, a small amount of people gets infected with the parent virus.

Why is the price of a mutation increasing every generation?

Because its potential can increase too! The better the potential, the more people will get infected.

How often can a virus mutate?

As often as you like. There is no limitation, so you can mutate until you are happy with its potential.

How many generations are possible?

As with the mutation, there is no limit. But be aware the price of a mutation keeps increasing too.

Why is the value/to infect estimated?

The value changes over time. It takes time to process your transaction, so you always see a value slightly out of time.

To infect (estimated):
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